Unique Opportunity

Published in Green Magazine, March 2019, Issue #66, p30

“With this project being only two townhouses [on] a very tight, irregular corner site; it was a matter of designing a well-considered corner solution that hid cars away and responded to the local and streetscape context,” remarks Grant Amon of Chaucer Townhouses. Located in bayside Melbourne, the design is mindful of the local context while remaining contemporary and bold. These two townhouses reference neighbouring Edwardian properties through a red brick boundary wall, a material that continues across the ground floor and into the building’s central core. An injection of modernity and a touch of playfulness come from the design’s dark coloured metal cladding, which ensures this corner site is a point of focus in the streetscape. Passive ESD principles are reflected in the project’s access to north daylight, cross ventilation, courtyards and gardens. “Use of materials (bricks and metal), architectural massing, orientation, compact layouts and responsible planning response [plus] ESD principles all contributed to the final design,” Grant concludes.



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